Seidel & Naumann crossframe

Yet another Seidel & Naumann safety of the Teutonia-model. I describe these models in my page about the semi-diamond frames of Seidel & Naumann. There is no serial number on this bike, so determining the age is a problem, but it is a bit different from the image in the 1891 catalogue. So: a bit earlier or later?

The makers' plate is great! The small plate under it, is an Italian tax plate from the year 1899 - seemingly the last year it was in service. Is seems to be completely untouched, with its red tires and original ball pedals. I love the original mudguards and the contemporary 'Arab' saddle spring and of course the typical chain tensioners, that we've also seen on other S&N-models. Great bike to leave in your attic, just visiting it once a year. Sit down, look at it, and drink a glass of Mosel wine.

Thanks Andrea for the pictures.

From the 1891 catalogue